ItaloBrothers & Floorfilla feat. P. Moody - One Heart (Official Video)



ItaloBrothers - One Heart, Floorfilla feat. P. Moody (Official Video)

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Video by: Lina Schütze


ItaloBrothers & Floorfilla feat. P.Moody Ė One Heart

Yeah, Itís time to go crazy,
you know we gonna do it like Lindsey
Britney with a little bit of Charlie
then we might go wild like Miley
pop bottles then pop Molly
Ďtill the room spin around Kylie
Can you hi-hi-hear my Wiley
donít worry be happy smiley

We came to party, party, party
I came, I came to party, party, party
she came, she came to party
she twerk it like she Miley
pop bottles and pop Molly
no we ainít gone be sorry, sorry

Cause we are one soul and one heart
we feel it from the start right now
we gotta live our life

Cause we are
one soul and one heart
we feel it from the start right now
donĎt you know that everything will turn out right, tonight
all we need is just a little time tonight

Somebody once asked me
whatís the meaning of life
I told him I don't know
but you gotta enjoy it
while you got it
Italobrothers, Floorfilla, P.Moody, Radio killer.


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