ItaloBrothers Up N Away

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ItaloBrothers single Up 'N Away is out now. It is the first track of Mathias Metten and Zacharias Adrian this year and yes – you might have guessed it – "Up 'N Away" is a cover version of the 1994 Eurodance Classic of the group Mr. President.
Back then the original made it up to position 12 on the Sales Charts. It stayed on the charts for 20 weeks and sold more than 250.000 copies. Not a bat debut for a Dance-Act. We will see whether or not the new version of the ItaloBrothers will achieve similar results. Besides, the Dance Act has been quite popular in Scandinavia since 2009. Everything is possible there. In Germany the ItaloBrothers could reach the sales charts twice already with their singles "My Life Is A Party" (position 43) and "This Is Nightlife" (position 41). Those are impressive achievements for a Dance-Project.

ItaloBrothers – Up 'N Away definitely has the potential to be a charthit. The voice of singer Matthias fits perfectly to the lyrics and the pitch of the original song. Even after just a few seconds one gets the feeling that this song has been made just for the ItaloBrothers. A little bit of Club-Sound but absolutely being made for the Bigroom this track is exactly for the peaktime – this is how "Up 'N Away" could be described. The beat together with the Offbeat-Bass roles and puts the listener into a good mood.

Those who are looking forward to the single right now need to be patient until the 28th of march. Nevertheless you can pre-order the track already. We wish you lots of fun with the short preview of ItaloBrothers – Up ‘N Away.